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“Starting my education in Head Start really benefitted me a lot.  Being able to interact with other kids my age at school on a daily basisi advanced my growth and development.  Now, while I was too young to remember all of the benefits of Head  Start, my mom was there to remind me.  She told me stories of when she would drop me off and I would turn around and head for my friends, the block or the house area.  She also told me about when she would volunteer in class and I wouldn’t sit next to her, instead choosing to sit with my friends.  My mom, who happens to work for  Head Start currently, said that is where I gained my independence.  It made my transition to kindergarten and grades thereafter a lot easier.

In Head  Start, a lot of exploring is done.  Kids learn a lot about who they are and, most importantly, about other people and the “ways of the world”.  I feel that being exposed to field trips and things outside of my home life  helped me want more.  My mom and teachers always encouraged play which made me have a big imagination.  The worst thing a parent can do is not let a child dream and imagine.  It’s becasue when that child gets older she or he will not think they are capable of achieving much of anything because they stopped dreaming and imagining as a child.

Dreaming and imagining have gotten me far so far.  I just earned my Masters of Business Administration from Michigan State U niversity this spring and will be  headed to Texas for a new job in human resources this summer.  I can honestly say that because of Head Start, the interactions with other kids, the encouragement of play and beginning the process of learning at an early age, I have never stopped dreaming and imagining and reaching my goals.  If you can dream it, you can be it!”

Ashley Hawkins

“My daughter is a little overweight.  The staff at Head Start have been wonderful in helping me rule out any underlying health issues that my daughter could have, as well as showing me how to offer better foods for her.  My daughter has had the opportunity to experience so many different foods in the classroom and she will come home telling me about all the different fruits and vegetables she likes.  We have learned about the food pyramid and we watch this very carefully when we are preparing our meals now.  I am grateful to Head Start for helping my family make better nutritional choices.”

Rimidia Taylor

“I am very proud to be a parent of a child that attended and completed the CACS Head Start program at the Grand River location. This experience really prepared my son for kindergarten at Winans Elementary School. The program prepared him for school with indispensable educational knowledge. It also taught him lifelong everyday knowledge essential to surviving in today’s society such as manners, importance of good hygiene, health, feelings, and compassion. These additional aspects of the program one cannot achieve in other programs or daycare. In addition, the program assures that the teachers are well informed through monthly trainings. Even though this training requires the program to close for one Friday out of the month, I feel this is a necessary requirement for the program to assure that all updates and trainings are completed.

In addition to assuring that the children are fully prepared to start their educational career, CACS HeadStart also prepares the parents through various trainings and family/activity nights. These events I felt was important because it allowed me to not only have monthly meeting/discussions with my child’s teacher on his progress, but also allowed me to create a network/bond with other parents from my child’s class.

When reviewing my son’s experience as well as my experience I am very happy that I chose CACS HeadStart for my child’s learning and will (and have) refer other parents to this successful program.”

Evita Gaillard