Family Services

Family Partnerships

  • Partnerships between parents and staff are designed to promote each family’s well being through education, support services and increased access to community resources.
  • Family Fun Nights are designed to help keep parents up-to-date on classroom activities and community resources, give input into the curriculum and participate in an activity with their child.

Family Service Center

Opportunities available for families:

  • GED or High School Completion
  • Workshops for parents including Literacy, Effective Discipline, Money Management, Reflections, Budgeting, and Very Important Male workshops
  • Family Connection Backpacks (activities for you to do at home with your child)
  • Monthly workshops presented in Spanish
  • Connections to community workshops

Opportunities for parenting classes and information

  • Fatherhood Specialist plans activities for VIM’s (Very Important Males)
  • Parent Training Specialist plans workshops and trains on parenting skills and child development.

Early Intervention Specialists:

  • The Early Intervention Department supports staff, children, and parents by providing services, early identification, and referrals to school districts and other community agencies.  In partnership with other program staff, they help build knowledge and skills through trainings and workshops.
    • Observe children in classrooms to identify who may need additional support
    • Communicate with staff and parents so everyone can work together in the child’s best interest.
    • Partner with school districts and community agencies to further evaluations and services.
    • Educate on child development, family development and mental health topics.
    • Promote wellness for all through program-wide goals of “Be safe, be kind, be healthy”.
  • Children will not be excluded based on a disability or need for toileting assistance.