The preschool years, 0-6 are foundational years for all human growth and development. This is a critical period in life for developing patterns that will help a child succeed in school and life. It is a time when children develop fundamental abilities and understandings.  It is a time when children can and do learn a great deal through indirect as well as direct teaching; therefore, it is important to create an environment which allows for both types of learning. Children learn through exploration, play and active involvement with their environment. Skilled teaching staff facilitate optimal learning through close relationships with each child,  respecting the uniqueness of each family.  CACS, with input from parents and the community, selected Creative Curriculum to facilitate our philosophy of learning.

All areas of development (language, literacy, mathematics, science, approaches to learning, physical health and development, social emotional and creative arts) are important and interrelated. Therefore, it is important that activities include all areas of development and allow for individual differences in children including those with Special Needs and Dual Language Learners. Planning is an important part of each program because it is through planning that the philosophy is translated into goals, objectives and activities.

​CACS recognizes children are most strongly influenced by their home environment and caregivers.  We will provide ongoing support and education to families to facilitate their role as their child’s first and primary teacher.  We will keep parents informed of their child’s development and promote their active participation in the program.  We will encourage each child’s natural curiosity in learning and the exploration of their environment.  We will promote and sustain the development of each child’s self-esteem and confidence, and view social problems as opportunities for growth in both parent and child.
  • Creative Curriculum
  • I’m Moving, I’m Learning
  • Grow Up Great (WONDER Works)
  • Dental Curriculum
  • Dual Language Learners
  • Al’s Pals


  • Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)
  • Ongoing assessment through observation, anecdotal records and portfolio development.
  • Teaching Strategies Gold measures children’s growth 3 times per year